Introduction to Data Science and Python: Explore the significance of Python in data science.

Importance of Learning Data Science with Python: Understand the career prospects and versatility of Python in data science

Getting Started with Python for Data Science: Set up Python environment and tools for seamless development.

Basics of Data Science: Grasp fundamental concepts like data types and statistical analysis in Python.

Libraries for Data Science in Python: Utilize essential libraries such as NumPy and Pandas for data manipulation.

Data Visualization with Python: Visualize complex datasets using Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Introduction to Machine Learning: Learn about machine learning algorithms and their implementation with Scikit-learn.

Practical Projects and Case Studies: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios for hands-on experience.

Advanced Topics in Data Science with Python: Explore deep learning with TensorFlow and natural language processing (NLP) for advanced applications.

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