Java SE is the runtime environment for executing Java applications, while JDK is a comprehensive development kit for Java programming

Java SE provides essential libraries and APIs for running Java programs, whereas JDK includes development tools and libraries for creating Java applications.

Java SE is platform-independent and supports object-oriented programming principles.

JDK consists of components such as a Java compiler, runtime environment, development tools, and APIs.

Java SE is compatible with any Java development kit, while JDK is specifically designed for Java development.

Java SE is available under both commercial and open-source licenses, while JDK is typically licensed under the Oracle Technology Network License Agreement.

Java SE can be used without JDK for running Java applications, but JDK is required for development purposes.

The latest versions of Java SE and JDK are Java 17.

Both Java SE and JDK are free to use under open-source licenses, though commercial support may require a subscription.

Understanding the differences between Java SE and JDK is essential for Java developers to choose the right tools for their development needs.

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