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About The Program:

Are you eager to carve out a successful career in Agile product management? Our Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Certification Training program offers you the path to a job guarantee and the expertise needed to excel in the realm of Agile and Scrum methodology.

Why Choose Our Program? Scrum is a leading Agile framework for managing complex projects, and the Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) certification is highly esteemed in the field. Our comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and practical experience to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner®. You'll master Agile principles, product backlog management, and stakeholder collaboration.

Hands-On Learning: We believe in practical education. Our curriculum includes real-world Scrum product management projects and exercises, ensuring you gain the practical skills that employers value.

Job Guarantee: We're committed to your success, which is why we offer a job guarantee. If you don't secure a position in Agile product management after program completion, we'll refund your tuition fees.

Join our Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Certification Training program and set yourself on a path to a secure and rewarding career. As Agile methodologies become the industry standard for product development, your CSPO certification will be in high demand. Don't miss the opportunity to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner®. Enroll now and start your journey toward a guaranteed career in Agile product management!

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Live Projects

Work on Live Paid Projects, Earn While you Learn and Gain real life industrial experience during the course hence build a strong portfolio


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Unlock your future with our 100% Placement Guarantee Program – Your pathway to success is paved with certainty


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Resume building, interview workshops, mock sessions, and career guidance for personalised support in achieving success.

Course Highlights:
  • Agile Product Ownership: Gain a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Scrum Product Owner in agile project management.

  • Scrum Framework: Learn how the Scrum framework operates and how the Product Owner collaborates with the Scrum Team and stakeholders.

  • Product Backlog Management: Master the art of creating and managing the Product Backlog to prioritize and deliver maximum value to the customer.

  • User Story Writing: Develop skills in crafting user stories, defining acceptance criteria, and creating clear product requirements.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Understand how to effectively engage with stakeholders, gathering feedback, and ensuring their needs are met.

  • Release Planning: Learn the process of release planning and the development of potentially shippable product increments.

  • Certification Preparation: Prepare for the Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) exam with comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and guidance from experienced instructors.

  • Job Guarantee Assurance: Upon successful completion of the program, access job placement opportunities and interviews with our network of partner companies actively seeking certified Scrum Product Owners.

  • Career Support: Receive career services support, including resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies tailored to the role of a Product Owner.

  • Continued Learning: Stay updated with the latest Scrum and agile practices through ongoing education, industry updates, and access to a community of agile professionals.


Gain a strong foundation in Scrum, including its fundamental components, terminology, and the guiding principles that underpin the Scrum work environment.

Topics Covered:

  1. Comprehending the Scrum Flow, the key components of the Scrum framework, and Scrum’s specialized vocabulary.
  2. Grasping the principles of empirical process control that form the backbone of Scrum.
  3. Embracing the work culture fostered by the Scrum methodology

Delve into the various Scrum roles and the underlying rationale that defines them.

Topics Covered:

  1. In-Depth Exploration of the Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Team roles, including their respective scopes and responsibilities.
  2. Examination of the reasons behind the absence of traditional roles such as project manager and agile product manager in Scrum.

Gain a deep understanding of the concept of product vision, its essential characteristics, the necessary preliminary work, and its connection to the product roadmap.

Topics Covered:

  1. Recognizing the pivotal role of the product vision as a unifying goal that inspires the entire Scrum team.
  2. Appreciating the desirable attributes that a compelling vision should possess and how to mold it effectively.
  3. Understanding the significance of undertaking the right amount of preparatory work.
  4. Grasping the intricate relationship between the product vision and the product roadmap.

Discover the intricacies of project estimation, including the various estimation levels, the importance of accuracy over precision, the separation of size and duration estimates, the implications of pressuring team members for low estimates, and the distinction between estimation and commitment.

Topics Covered:

  1. Familiarity with the different estimation levels within Scrum.
  2. Recognition of the significance of accuracy in estimates, prioritizing it over precision.
  3. Understanding the separate estimation of size and duration.
  4. Awareness of the consequences of exerting pressure on team members to provide lower estimates.
  5. Distinguishing between the act of estimating and making commitments.

Delve into the concept of the product backlog and the practice of grooming it.

Topics Covered:

  1. Defining the nature of the product backlog and clarifying what it encompasses and what it does not.
  2. The practice and importance of product backlog grooming.

Acquire expertise in prioritizing the product backlog, exploring diverse approaches, and considering the multiple factors involved in effective prioritization.

Topics Covered:

  1. Recognizing the significance and advantages of prioritizing the product backlog.
  2. Understanding the consequences of labeling everything as mandatory.
  3. Identifying the stakeholders who should contribute to prioritization decisions.
  4. Grasping the multifaceted nature of proper product backlog prioritization.
  5. Exploring and applying formal methodologies for prioritization, extending beyond instinctive decision-making.
  6. Navigating the balance between providing a team with flexibility in adjusting the work sequence.

Dive into the realm of release management, where you’ll gain valuable insights into release planning, quality management, release frequency, and the ability to forecast the future based on your release plan.

Topics Covered:

  1. Grasping the objectives and methodologies of release planning.
  2. Recognizing that planning is an adaptive, iterative, and collaborative process.
  3. Understanding the rationale behind freezing quality and the concept of technical debt.
  4. Appreciating the benefits of early and frequent software releases.
  5. Learning to understand and measure velocity for effective release management.
  6. Exploring release burndown charts as a tool for tracking progress.
  7. Understanding how a well-structured release plan can serve as a valuable tool for predicting the future.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of sprints, with a focus on the product owner’s role in team collaboration, the significance of timeboxing and protection in sprints, the concept of sustainable pace, and the importance of team commitment.

Topics Covered:

  1. Recognizing the active involvement of the product owner in Scrum meetings and their collaborative role with the team.
  2. Understanding the rationale behind timeboxing and protecting sprints.
  3. Grasping the concept of maintaining a sustainable pace in the Scrum framework.
  4. Appreciating the value of team commitment in achieving Scrum objectives.


In conclusion, our Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Certification Training and job guarantee program empower participants with vital skills in product ownership and Agile methodologies. Through practical training, industry-recognized certification, and job placement support, graduates are well-prepared to drive product excellence and succeed in their roles as Scrum Product Owners.

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