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About The Program:

Ready to take your financial career to the next level? Look no further than our WorkDay Finance Job Guarantee Program. In today's fast-paced business landscape, WorkDay Finance is the key to efficient financial management, and our program is your ticket to a successful career in this field.

Why Choose Our Program? WorkDay Finance is a cutting-edge financial management software trusted by organizations worldwide. Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this powerful platform, from financial planning and accounting to analytics and reporting.

Hands-On Learning: We believe in practical education. Our curriculum immerses you in real-world WorkDay Finance scenarios, ensuring you're well-prepared for the demands of the finance industry.

Job Guarantee: We're dedicated to your success, which is why we offer a job guarantee. If you don't secure a position in the WorkDay Finance field after completing the program, we'll refund your tuition fees.

Join our WorkDay Finance Job Guarantee Program and set yourself on a path to a secure and prosperous career. As businesses increasingly rely on WorkDay Finance for financial efficiency, your skills will be in high demand. Don't miss the opportunity to become a WorkDay Finance professional. Enroll now and start your journey toward a guaranteed career in financial management!

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Live Projects

Work on Live Paid Projects, Earn While you Learn and Gain real life industrial experience during the course hence build a strong portfolio


100% Placement

Unlock your future with our 100% Placement Guarantee Program – Your pathway to success is paved with certainty


Complete Support

Resume building, interview workshops, mock sessions, and career guidance for personalised support in achieving success.

Course Highlights:
  • Comprehensive Financial Education: Our Job Guarantee program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering financial management, budgeting, forecasting, and risk analysis.

  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Acquire practical financial skills highly sought after in various sectors, ensuring immediate employability upon completion.

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from industry experts and seasoned financial professionals who provide real-world insights and guidance.

  • Practical Projects: Apply your knowledge through hands-on projects, solving real financial challenges and building a strong portfolio.

  • Job Placement Support: Benefit from dedicated job placement assistance, including resume building, interview coaching, and access to our extensive network of hiring partners.

  • Recognized Certification: Earn a respected financial management certification upon completion, enhancing your marketability.

  • Flexible Learning: Access course materials round the clock, enabling you to study at your convenience and balance work and personal commitments.

  • Personalized Guidance: Receive one-on-one mentorship to track your progress and address any queries or concerns.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools: Stay updated with the latest financial management software and tools used by leading organizations for effective financial control.

  • Guaranteed Career Start: We believe in your abilities, offering a job guarantee upon successful course completion, ensuring you kickstart a successful career in financial management.


1.Workday Organization

  • Company
  • Company hierarchy
  • Company accounting detail
  • Company contact detail
  • Edit Company Tax Details
  • Company Billing Information
  • An assignable role for a company
  • Create Business Process Definition
  • Create Cost Center
  • Create Cost Center Hierarchy
  • Assign Cost Center to a Cost Center Hierarchy
  • Cost centre manager role
  • Custom Organizations
  • Maintain Organization Subtypes
  • Maintain Organization Types

2.Financial Accounting Setup

  • Overview
  • Financial Accounting Setup
  • Company Chart Of Account
  • Account control rule
  • Financial Transaction Flow
  • Company Accounting Details
  • Ledger Setup
  • Financial schedule
  • Fiscal Year
  • Fiscal schedule
  • Ledger Period Status

3.Account Posting Rules

  •  Overview
  •  Multipurpose Rules
  •  Supplier Accounts and Spend Rules
  •  Business Asset Rules
  •  Customer Accounts and Revenue Rules

4.Accounting Journals

  • Overview
  • Accounting journal
  • Operational journal
  • Manual journal
  • Journal creation security
  • Journal posting rule
  • Journal Setup
  • Create an Accounting Journal
  • Create a Reversal Accounting Journal
  • Recurring Journal Generation
  • EIB – Upload a Journal Entry


  • Overview
  • Supplier Setup
  • Supplier setup security
  • Supplier event
  • Supplier Business process
  • Supplier category
  • Supplier group
  • Supplier hierarchy
  • Supplier connection
  • Supplier activity control
  • Create Supplier
  • Spend Categories and Purchase Items
  • Maintain Spend Category
  • Create Spend Category Hierarchy
  • Create Purchase Item
  • Purchase Item group
  • Edit Posting Rule
  • Supplier account
  • Supplier payment method
  • Supplier status

6.Supplier Invoices

  • Overview
  • Supplier Invoice and Adjustment
  • Supplier invoice auto-creation
  • Supplier invoice status management
  • Create Supplier Invoice
  • Create Supplier Invoice Adjustment
  • Supplier invoice Workflow
  • Supplier invoice security
  • Recurring supplier Invoice
  • Supplier contract
  • Supplier Accounting Detail
  • Supplier invoice scheduling
  • Supplier invoice auto-creation

7.Banking and Settlement

  • Overview
  • Cash Flow
  • Key features of banking settlement
  • Bank set up pre-task
  • Financial Institute
  • Bank Setup
  • Creating a Bank Account
  • Bank routing rule
  • Settlement Overview
  • Settlement processing chain
  • Settlement work area
  • Settlement run date
  • Printing bank check task
  • Settlement security
  • Ad hoc Payment
  • Ad hoc Payment settlement


  • Overview
  • Security for customer setup
  • Customer Setup
  • Maintain Customer Category
  • Maintain Customer Groups
  • Customer Hierarchy
  • Customer tagging or Worktag
  • Create Customer
  • Revenue Categories
  • Sales Items
  • Sales Item Group
  • Sales Item preview
  • Deferred sales Item
  • Edit posting rule for customer payment

9.Customer Invoices

  • Overview
  • Create a Customer Invoice
  • Customer Invoices and Adjustments
  • Customer Invoice Security
  • View customer invoice accounting
  • Printing customer invoice
  • Customer invoice Email
  • Email and Print a Customer Invoice
  • Create Customer Invoice auto Adjustment

10.Customer Receipts

  • Overview
  • Customer Account Management
  • Customer Reporting
  • Write off bad DEBT
  • Cash sales
  • Record customer payment with an on-account Amount
  • Deposit customer payments
  • Record Cash Sales
  • Modify the cash sales BP
  • Receivable ageing report
  • Customer statements
  • Receivables Aging Reports
  • Customer Statements

11.Business Asset Setup

  • Overview
  • Add Asset Books to Company
  • Maintain Depreciation Profiles
  • Maintain Spend Category
  • Maintain Asset Book Rules
  • Edit Posting Rule
  • Purchase Business Asset
  • Business asset security
  • Record Depreciation of a business asset

12.Business Asset Life Cycle

  • Overview
  • Purchase Business Assets
  • Register Business Assets
  • Transfer Business Assets
  • View Business Asset History

13.Financial Common Reports

  • Workday Standard report
  • Standard vs expresso report
  • Run standard and expresso report
  • Event accounting summary report
  • Balance By Bank Report
  • Trial balance Report
  • Ledger detail report
  • Ledger account activity summary report
  • Ledger year beginning balance report
  • Find journal
  • Find customer
  • Find customer invoice
  • Find customer payment
  • Settlement report

14.Report Writer for Workday

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Overview and Introduction
  • Delivered Reports
  • Report Writer Terminology & Concepts
  • Business Objects, Fields & Instances
  • Report Data Sources
  • Steps to Create a Report
  • Report Types
  • Selecting a Data Source
  • Temporary Reports
  • Report Writer Navigation
  • Report Output vs Report Definition
  • Sorting And Filtering Report Fields
  • Simple vs Advanced Report Types
  • Advanced Filtering Options and Prompts
  • Accessing Fields from Related Business Objects
  • Sorting and Filtering on Related Business Object Fields
  • Subtotals & Grand Totals
  • Data Source Security & Report Field Security
  • Sharing Reports
  • Schedule and Share Output of Report
  • Report Run History
  • Transfer Ownership

15.Defining Business Processes

  • Overview
  • Business Process Framework
  • View Business Process Diagram
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Business Processes and Subprocesses
  • Hire Business process configuration
  • Create a position compensation business process
  • Request compensation change business process
  • Change job business process
  • Business process condition rule
  • Business process advance routing
  • Business process steps configuration
  • The business process to do
  • Business process Delegation
  • Business process approval chain

16.Security Groups

  • Overview
  • Configurable Security
  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
  • Workday delivered security group
  • Security group types
  • Role based security group
  • User base security group
  • Domain security policy
  • Business process security policy
  • Domain security policy for functional area
  • Domain security policy for business process
  • Creating custom Security Groups
  • Modifying Domain Security Policy
  • Modifying Business Process Security Policy

Who Can Enroll:

  1. Finance Graduate/ Post Graduate
  2. End User ERP
  3. ERP – SAP / Oracle / People Soft Implementation Consultant


In conclusion, our Workday Financial Management Job Guarantee Program equips you with comprehensive financial skills, personalized guidance, and practical experience to excel in financial management roles. With our job placement guarantee, you can confidently launch a successful career in finance, backed by industry expertise and certification. Your financial future begins here!

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